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The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge


Astute Leadership Prevents Harmful Accidents.

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The ALPHA Equestrian was created to bring awareness to the fact that it is dangerous to learn how to ride without also learning how to make your horse behave calmly.  Empowering instructors, students and parents, The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge complements riding lessons by schooling the basics of good horse leadership.  It's the information every rider needs from the start.  

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About the Author

Nelly Cooper, Bomb-Proofing Expert

After spending 13 years helping students who have been frightened and/or injured by horses regain the confidence to get back in the saddle, Nelly Cooper created The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge ‚Äčto help make our industry safer for students and horses. 

The Book
The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge

For instructors, students and parents!  Easy to read and rich with full-color illustrations, this book gives clear detailed schooling on why we need to be good leaders to our horses, how to be good leaders, and how to prevent our horses from reacting dangerously out of fear.

Challenging Ourselves for the Safety of All Riders.